Following high school she completed two years plus of college studies in business and computer science. During this period Liz concluded that she wanted to follow her natural talents rather than sit in front of a computer screen so she enrolled at the International School of Beauty in Manhattan.
  During her year long course of study she was discovered by the Head of Hair and Makeup at NBC and offered an internship on Saturday Night Live. Upon graduation and receipt of her cosmetology license she was promptly offered a position as a stylist for SNL cast members and guests. Over the next nine years Liz developed her talents at NBC on SNL, NBC News, several CNBC shows and dozens of freelance fashion photography shoots. Ever the adventurer, she has performed her skilled craft while on assignment from the extremes of a helicopter flying over Manhattan to the 800 foot depth of the aqueduct being constructed under New York City.
  Liz served as Department Head of NBC's crime drama series, Law & Order SVU seasons 17-18. She also was Department Head for Elementary for season 2 and half of season 3 and was Key Hair stylist on CW’s acclaimed show Gossip Girl for season 1-5 and Department Head for season 6.


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